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I am the founder and owner of Publisher's Brew. I have over a decade of experience in graphic design for digital and print, web development, market writing, and branding. But most importantly, I am an author who knows that writing a book is only part of the equation. I created PB to be a place for self-publishing authors to collaborate in their efforts, but I also offer my services to help others create their author websites, and find editors and designers for their work.


Pricing is available upon request. Click the "Quote Me" button to get started by emailing me. Tell me a bit about yourself and your work. I would love to hear from you.

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I began as a Journalism graduate at Chico State University in 2008. Toward the end of receiving my degree, I became disinterested in journalism and went back to school to study Graphic Design. After graduating with a second degree from Butte College, I landed a full-time position in California's Rice Industry, with a rice brokerage company out of Durham, California. I entered the construction industry — market writing and designing for a solar company. I landed another position shortly after with a local company that sold braces and sleeves, where I grew more as a web designer and marketing developer, focusing on rebranding and eCommerce. In 2019, I learned of a great opportunity and landed a position as a Marketing & Communication Director in the non-profit sector.

I began looking into self-publishing sometime in 2015. I experimented with Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing — formerly Create Space — and we are now seeing several other companies emerge into the direct print-to-order business. This excites me as I've always wanted to publish books without having to go through traditional means, which can gouge your royalties or leave you hanging when the book doesn't sell, whether due to disinterest or poor marketing tactics.

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