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Cash Saver for Self-Publishing

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The number one issue facing a self-publishing author just starting out almost always becomes about finances. The book can be well written, but obviously, there are certainly more aspects to publishing a book than writing it. What are the best options for self-publishers looking for contractors to help them finish their projects? If you don't know of someone directly who can help or if you have no network contacts that provide such services, it is not necessary to go hunting on LinkedIn or some other platform for professionals to assist you. While PB offers services to help self-publishing authors, we turn to seek professionals on to assist in many aspects of completing projects.

Fiverr is an excellent network of highly professional contractors where you can create a free account, search contractors by cost, and see their work before making a decision. Fiverr holds ratings for contractors using its platform, so that you don't have to trust blindly that the job will be done right. You can also create lists of your favorite contractors so that you can reuse their services later. Organize them by editors, book cover designers, book formatting designers, etc.

Be sure to note that if you use Fiverr editors, they usually have package deals, which can determine the range of the cost. For example, if you're looking to have the consistency of voice and tone throughout your book, it could be part of a specific package cost, not just editing the book for typos and grammar. Be sure you look into the details of their pricing and be sure you're getting exactly what you need.

Also, be sure to protect your work before sending it out. Assign an ISBN to your book and have it already placed on the copyright page of your manuscript. This way your work remains protected from theft. You can learn more about ISBN numbers from our previous blog "Pew Research On Reader Behavior & Knowing About ISBN Numbers."

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