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Secrets of Silver & Steam – The New Awakening is the first volume of the science fiction and epic fantasy series intertwining mythical creatures, thrilling world exploration, dark secrets, and the hidden world of Master Keepers (MKRs), which has remained shrouded in the annals of time. Little was known of them, but then one, Elior Lystander, emerged from behind the curtain of their existence as survivors began to rebuild following a world cataclysmic event known as The Great Collide. Such a phenomenon reunited the landmasses of the world and reset the motion of every civilization. War inevitability ensued as the race to establish dominance comes so naturally to humans.



This is not the first time Ricky Hayes has delved into writing fiction, but it will be his first major published work in Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Coupled with a conversation with his mother-in-law about Steampunk and reading through Jules Verne's Rober the Conqueror & Master of the World, which is highly attributed within the story, Ricky began the process of stepping into and creating a world like no other, one that re-constructs the world as we know it while also keeping a humorous familiarity for readers to enjoy.


Secrets of Silver & Steam is a young teen to young adult series in the making that focuses on those who love to read and those who are not avid readers, an inspired cornerstone pursuit of Paul Zindel, one of Ricky's favorite authors growing up. As the story incorporates fantasy magic with a Steampunk feel, Secrets of Silver & Steam holds a unique journey for readers and delivers delight in discovering a world in a faraway, re-imagined future.


Secrets of Silver & Steam - Book One - Cover - Web.jpg
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